Increasingly more and more women are traveling in groups without male friends or relatives. Some women even decide to travel solo. While it is unfortunate, women tend to be a main target for predators both overseas and in our own backyard. This is due to the fact that they are thought of as more vulnerable than men, especially in an unfamiliar surrounding and in smaller groups.

Because of this, it is very important for women to be on alert during their travels, sometimes even more so than women traveling alone. To help women planning on traveling with their girlfriends or female family members TravelSafeOz has put together a few tips and tricks to help you stay safe throughout your journey.

1. Dress appropriate to your surrounding. If you stand out, predators are more likely to notice you as well as notice that you are not a local.
2. If you do not speak the native tongue, don’t parade around speaking in English as this will also draw attention to your group.
3. If you are traveling in a group, especially a small one, make sure you don’t split up. Sometimes bigger groups may need to split up, if so make sure each person is designated a group and sticks to it.
4. When partying, never accept a drink from someone unless you are at the bar while it is being purchased and it is a bottled drink. This way there is no opportunity for it to be spiked.
5. If you chose to leave with a person not part of your travel group, ensure that your group knows exactly where you are going. If you are unsure, it is best not to leave on your own to guarantee your safety.
6. Some countries have strict limits on women’s rights, so if you find yourself developing a relationship overseas learn about not only the legal but cultural and religious implications for yourself before you get too involved.


2 responses to “TravelSafeWomen

  1. Isn’t it a sad world where we need tips based on gender! Keep fighting the good fight, and hopefully the actions of offending males and females start to change – we can never blame the vicitm

    • Hi Stuart,

      It is unfortunate, but men are not the only to blame. Many women target foreigners for their advantage too. We just don’t tend to hear these stories as much. Thank you for your comment- point well made!


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