As a tourist you are going to most probably want to see everything your destination has to offer. Depending on the city you are visiting, you may choose to go to sights that are very well known and heavily tourist-oriented. Alternatively you might decide to visit places that are not so popular.

What ever your choice, as a tourist you are more susceptible to predators lurking in busy and not so busy streets. Here are some tips to make sure you are not targeted and are able to go sightseeing safely.

-If the sight has opening and closing hours, ensure that you attend during those times to avoid disappointment as well as waiting around for the venue to open.
-Make sure you have pre-planed how you are going to get to and from the destination.
-If you want a tour guide, book one in advance rather than on the street on the way to the sight.
-Be prepared for large crowds, long waits and a lot of pushing and shoving! Stay calm and expect any delays that may mean other plans need to be changed.

Let TravelSafeOz know if you have any other tips to ensure you SeeSafe!


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