Australia has one of the most strict quarantine regulations in the world and for this reason it is very important for you to know what you can and can not bring in and out of the country. This list includes medication, food, souvenirs and other general purchases.

Many Australians simply don’t know the rules and regulations and can find their belongings being confiscated and even receiving a hefty fine. Ensuring you have all the correct information before coming home is important if you want to avoid any of the above.

For a full list of what needs to be declared and what can not be brought into Australia click here for the Australian Governments travel information on entering Australia. Every country has its own specific requirements as to what items are allowed to be imported. For more information about items that can be taken out of Australia click here for the Australian Governments free destination guide.


3 responses to “PackSafeOz

    • Hi Fee,

      We had never thought of mud being a risk! Thank you for your comment, it is a good point to keep in mind when coming back into the country. It is also a good indication of how strict they are in reality.


      • Yeah they are crey crey. I also wasn’t aware that your yellow fever vaccination lasts for 5years and chucked out my proof of vaccination after going to South America. When you’re returning from some countries you need to have the certificate or they can quarantine you.

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