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Many travelers prepare a checklist of needs prior to embarking on their journey. These checklists usually include swimsuits, sunscreen and sneakers. There are however other important things to take into consideration to make sure you are completely prepared prior to leaving the country. Here is a international travel checklist that is sure to have you completely prepared throughout your trip.

1. Register your travel plans online, or at the local Australian embassy to ensure you are contactable incase of emergency.
2. Purchase travel insurance so that you are covered everywhere you go.
3. Don’t leave passport validity and visa requirements until the last minute. Make sure these are prepared and finalised ahead of schedule.
4. Provide your family or friends with copies of all your travel documents. This includes passport, visa, insurance, itinerary and any other important information. Also keep copies of all these documents separate from the originals so that you can always access them incase of emergencies. Alternatively, your family and friends will also have copies of these.
5. Get a heath check as well as your vaccinations well in advance of your trip. If you have to take certain medications regularly, make sure they are legal at your destination.
6. You can’t go very far or do very much without money. Make sure you have more than one way to access money while you are on your trip in case you misplace physical money, or your travel cards or credit cards do not work.

For more items to add to your checklist before you begin to travel and while you are on your trip, check out the entire Smart Traveler Checklist.


4 responses to “PrepareSafeOz

  1. Hey guys, good tips. I just wanted to say that I purchased travel insurance with AAMI and lost my bags and they handled it so quickly and were really good. Just a shout-out for really great service and a handy insurer to consider if you’re travelling.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thank you for that tip! Travel insurance is a must while traveling, and some people tend to give it a miss because it can be so hard to know which company is the right one to go to. It is nice to know a good starting point as far as insurance goes, and to also hear a positive outcome.


  2. I couldn’t agree more with the tips you have provided. The last time I travelled overseas I had some issues with my passport and it would have been helpful if i had given my parents a copy of my passport. I found this blog very helpful, i’ll definitely use this blog for tips next time I travel

    • Hi Steven,

      That would’ve been a difficult situation! We hope you can pick up some extra tips for the next time you travel. For anything extra, check out our resources page!


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