The full moon party in Thailand, Coachella in the US, Tomorrowland in Belgium. The list of once-in-a-lifetime annual events available worldwide is endless. With these mind blowing events however comes large crowds, binge drinking, drug taking and wild, unreserved behaviour.

Safety at an event like the ones mentioned is a huge issue, discussed time and time again with no resolutions to the problem. The answer is a simple one, especially at uncontrollable events. The best way to stay safe is to simply be in control of yourself.

Here are TravelSafeOz’s top PartySafe tips:

– Drink responsibly. This doesn’t mean you have to remain sober throughout your entire trip. If you are traveling with a group of friends, take turns at having a big night. By doing so there will always be someone sober and aware of what is happening.

– Ensure that you have already worked out how you will travel to and from the venue. By doing so you are avoiding hanging around with large, intoxicated crowds when events conclude. This is usually where trouble erupts.

– Keep hydrated to avoid feeling lethargic and to continuously replenish your body especially in warmer climates.

– If in a non-speaking country, make sure you know useful words in the local tongue in case of emergencies. Some handy words include help, please, thank you, police, hospital, yes and no.

Want to learn more so you can PartySafe overseas? Click here to see more of Smart Traveler’s helpful partying overseas tips. Alternatively, comment below with any safety tips you may have while partying overseas.


4 responses to “PartySafeOz

  1. Some really useful tips in there. “The best way to stay safe is to be in control of yourself” not something people travelling generally think about, but- as weve seen from recent events- invaluable advice. Great blog guys!

  2. Great tips. Aussies need to stay safe when they party abroad. Although music festivals have the same atmosphere and planning as some of the best one’s that take place in Australia, people have to remember that they generally have the advantage of being around people who speak the same language, and knowledge of where you are. Overseas is a little harder, particulary in countries where you aren’t familiar with the language straight up.

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