Welcome To TravelSafeOz!

What is TravelSafeOz?

Australians are known for our fun-loving and party-loving attitude. We are social people, who love to travel and are welcomed with opened arms around the globe. Sometimes however, our relaxed attitude can get the better of us, especially when we are not in familiar surroundings. 

Many young Australian’s are unaware of, or do not care for, the lurking dangers that can be found during travel. This is a huge social issue. There are many cases of Australian’s being seriously injured, kidnapped, lost, or even killed while traveling. It is important for traveling Australian’s to have fun, but also be very cautious.

TravelSafeOz is a community page aiming to educate young Australian’s of the dangers that could result during a drunken night, or day, in an unfamiliar setting. TravelSafeOz will provide safety tips when planning and in the lead up to your trip.

Why is this an issue?

As mentioned, a large number of young Australians travel every year to various destinations. While it is an exciting and fun filled time, safety is usually the last thing thought about when planning a trip. Many travelers don’t think about the dangers that can arise throughout their journey until they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

In order to ensure that more Australians stay safe while overseas, it is important to raise awareness of the issues they may face and how to combat them before they embark on their journey.

What do we do?

TravelSafeOz will bring you all the information that you need before you travel. From where to find destination safety information, to all the safety measures you should take before traveling- you will be covered.

This will be presented in a 7 day campaign, bringing you information quickly and consistently. The speediness of the campaign is meant to keep readers on their toes and on top of all the information, replicating the fast-paced lifestyle of a traveler.

What can you do?

Let us know any safety information you require and TravelSafeOz will find exactly what you are searching for!


2 responses to “Welcome To TravelSafeOz!

  1. I think this is a brilliant page – Something that will be of use to International tourists for sure.

    However, it really is unfortunate that Australia is becoming such an expensive place to travel, so much so most Aussie students are going overseas to South-East Asia more than they are travelling their own country.

    I think it partially has to do with student concession prices not being recognised nationally? That is, student only get concession discount in the state that they study in and are not eligible inter-state, meaning they must pay full-adult fares. What you think?

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